Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Back To The Future

To the very best blog followers in the entire world:

I, very sadly, have been kind of neglecting to write on this site for awhile but I would like all of my readers to know that I haven't given up on this website. I am still here and have tons of drafts waiting to be finished and posted!

In Other News:
I am starting to looking for talented guest writers and collaborators. The possibilities are endless! So with that being said, if you are interested in becoming involved with this site or have an idea please leave a comment/s below.

Special! Special! Read all about it!
Don't forget that tomorrow Thursday, May 4, 2017  is National Day Of Prayer in the USA.  I encourage you to find local events and get involved, many are going throughout the whole week. If you can't attend a local event try to take an extra few minutes out of your day to say a little prayer for your community and this country.

( Photo By: Ben White, )

As always,  come back soon for updates. They ARE on the way, I promise!

Many Blessings,
Brother Joe

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