Friday, November 11, 2016

Veteran's Day 2016

I was blessed growing up to have many people in my life who had great advice about life. A few of which were seasoned veterans. It has been said that the best advice comes from experience. These men definitely had experiences.

My grandfather was a Korean War Veteran. Although he never would talk about the subject of war or his experiences overseas, I came to find out why on my own while researching family history for genealogy purposes. My grandfather was a purple heart recipient and I found out a few years before he passed away just how that he got that purple heart. I will keep that story to myself but I will say that I am truly glad that my grandfather had God with him during the war and after.

My great uncle was in the army in during WWII. He was the recipient of not one but two! Purple hearts and a bronze star medal for his service in Germany. I recall a story of how he was surrounded by German's and their tanks while he was hiding out in a chicken coup! He somehow crawled through this nasty chicken coup (he had choice words about this chicken coup) and took out the tanks he and his men were surrounded by. How much courage that must have taken! I can imagine how scary that could have been for him. At some point in the war he became a guard for General Eisenhower.  I loved hearing the stories from this great uncle of mine.

I had another great uncle, who served in the navy during the attack at Pearl Harbor. Later he served at Iwo Jima. He had many medals and certificates for his service to our country. Unfortunately, I never heard any stories from him but he did visit Pearl Harbor for the anniversary memorials. I can imagine what kind of feelings that must have brought to him during those visits.

We need to remember the men and women God has blessed our great country with on this Veteran's Day. They keep us safe and allow us to continue to have our freedoms in this great country (USA).


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