Thursday, September 8, 2016

Life and Eternity

Here's an original poem entitled "Life and Eternity", written by: Brother Joe

I was traveling life's path and I came to a T. I was at the intersection of life and eternity. I wanted to go right but much to my doom. I was leaning to the left and couldn't resume. The path was so dark, and oh so dreary. The way out was gone and It felt scary.  I thought to myself this must be a dream. All that was clear was darkness and screams. Now I woke up in a hurry and much to my surprise. Staring at me were my Savior's eyes. Hands that were scarred, reached down for me. Showed me rest and sweet victory. I knew that it was my Savior so fair. His precious love, consumed the air.  Now I can rest in his sweet safety. And travel the right, just how God made me. I thank him for his love and his grace. And for saving me from that wretched place. Although this is just a small part of my story. Forever I'll praise him and give him thy glory.


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